Foggy Stops

Sometimes I am so busy with ministry I find myself in sort of a ministry fog.

One challenge of being involved with a Christ-centered ministry is navigating ministry opportunities.  Actually this is a challenge of a Christian who wants to make a difference.

In my world there is ministry to the clients who walk in the doors, their family or significant others,  the volunteers who themselves come to serve, my staff, the students to whom I speak, their teachers and parents, the donors who graciously give or can’t give right now, the people with whom I go to church, and then there is my own family.

Everyone is just chocked full of ministry opportunities for the man or woman who wants to make a difference.  Each individual or group presents their own prospect for care, encouragement, support, compassion, exhortation, insights, time, love, confrontation, etcetera, etcetera.

Here is the rub.   In this thick ministry fog it is a challenge to know where to start or stop next.  With all I am doing how can I ever stop for other ministry?

Of course, there is the analysis of these missed opportunities.  Wasn’t I already busy helping in one area already?  How can I help everyone?  Did I miss it?  Am I just callous to the needs of others?  Where is the compassion?  How can I be fair?  Am I supposed to be fair?

Have you ever found yourself in the fog of ministry opportunities wondering how to navigate?

What navigational aids do you use to get you through the fog?

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