Perfect Life Strife

Proclaiming Christ as the Lord of your life puts one in such a precarious place.  The “Christian Life” becomes the perfect conundrum.   The perfect life strife begins.

Shall I list all the things that are supposed to now be perfect as a result of your position in Christ?  Behavior, family, relationships (married, single, etc.), children, work relations, attitude, yard, house, car, driving, exercise, prayer life, music, health, theology, eating habits, and finances just to name a few.  Each of these should be done perfectly.  It is not that you don’t want your life to be changed, but the expectations can be daunting.

Of course, these expectations of perfection come from family, friends, enemies, church, coworkers, teachers, strangers, and the general public, just to name a few.  Each of their opinions of your “Christian Life” is from their understanding of what your perfect “Christian Life” should look like.   Are you feeling the strife?

You can’t make too much money.  To others you already make (and waste) too much money.  How about you shouldn’t make any money?  Or it could be you should make it and give it all away.  Of course you better give it away to the right group.  You see this perfect frustration?

The 757,000 words of the Bible (English Standard Version) become a figurative mine field to be placed around you by those observing your “Christian Life”. Of course in making that spiritual assessment their interpretation can take many shades along the spectrum from accurate to completely off base. Who is to judge?  Of course, there may even be multiple interpretations of the spiritual assessment of your perfect positioning.  Fun, huh?

What is a man or women of God to do in this seemingly hostile environment?  Is there a safe zone for anyone seeking to live the “Christian Life”?  In the midst of this perfect conundrum, how can a leader make it in this environment?

For me it has been the recognition that I will never on this planet be perfect and will never be perfectly assessed.  I will never be the father I desire to be.  I will never be the leader I would love to think I exemplify.  I will never have the right attitude most of the time…

Sound defeated?  Well for me it is not defeated; it is gaining the proper position.  I have always needed a Savior.  Even though I have put my trust in Christ as a Savior, I will continue to always need a Savior.  Of course, correct me if I am wrong.

To be a father I need Him.  To be a husband I need Him.  To be a leader I need Him.  You name it.  I need Him.  When I recognize my deep spiritual need for Him and attempt to please Him, well then I am heading in the right direction.

When heading in the right direction and thinking I have perfectly arrived in my “Christian Life”.  Well, that’s when I need Him the most.

How do you handle the perfect life strife?

Do you find yourself frustrated with these issues?